What our athletes say about our coaches:

I have had the pleasure of working with my awesome coach Nelle Fox for the last 6 months. We connected at the time when a lot of things were going south and events were being cancelled and gyms were being closed because of Cov-19. I knew that I wasn’t prepare to let my health and fitness go sideways. I was running on and off in 2019 but had no real consistency. I decided to step up my game and learn the ways of a runner but I had no real clear idea how to do it. I believe I got lucky that I somehow bump into Nelle fox at a time when things appear uncertain. On our first consultation I spoke about my goals and agenda and it was good to know that she also was interested in getting to know me as a person and my background. She customized an awesome running program that helped me accomplish a 1 mile PR and 5k PR. I recall last year in 2019 when I first ran my 5k race and was very unprepared. It’s hilarious remembering on all the wrong things I did but with her help this year I was more than prepare for another 5k race. I remember when I thought running 8 miles was very tough and now running 13 miles at a solid pace has become easier. My body feels great and my legs feels very strong. Throughout these months I learned “ in order to go fast you must do it slow” and “save your hard workouts on the day it matters” In the beginning when I hire Nelle to coach me I didn’t really know what to expect from a running coach or see much value into it; however, she has been very accessible, knowledgeable, professional, a great encourager, help me stay accountable and has become a good friend. I remember telling Nelle one of my philosophy is “ it doesn’t matter how much you know until I know how much you care.” I would say Nelle is a caring coach with a golden heart to see here runners progress. If you want to break some limitations and learn how to become a strong runner I would give excel rocktown a shot! - The Juvy Lopez

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