Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

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From the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, “A Health Coach is a supportive mentor and wellness authority who helps others feel their best through individualized food and lifestyle changes that meet their unique needs and health goals.”

Health coaching entails:

  • A guide on the side who, in a confidential, non-judgmental space, poses targeted multi-faceted open-ended questions and then listens intently as you explore your beliefs, patterns, connections, priorities, and concerns.
  • The development of actionable goals (short and long term) that are entirely specific to your needs and lifestyle preferences.
  • Tangible resources and discourse regarding the powerful role that secondary food (or nutrition) has on your health, across a variety of dietary approaches and philosophies
  • Tangible resources and deep, ongoing exploration regarding primary food, or lifestyle areas, that contribute (or harm) your overall health and wellness, so that building mindfulness and striving for balance can be made
  • Endless opportunities to make physical improvements across a range of specific-to-you areas, to advocate for self, to celebrate progress, to acknowledge stories as a means for you to heal and grow
  • Collaboration with family and medical providers at your need and request


Nelle strongly believes:

  • You have the ability and right to achieve wellness.
  • Life is meant to be enjoyed. You are meant to feel joy everyday.
  • In the power and relevance of your story in relation to your healing journey.
  • Sustained healing requires a support team, a positive mindset, and a desire to learn and be open to new ideas.
  • Collaborating with her can snowball the healing process and can offer not only relief from physical symptoms, but also emotional ones.
  • Lasting healing requires balanced diet and lifestyle.
  • Her job is to become the expert on YOU.
  • Healing is an active process that requires you to practice mindfulness and gratitude as well as ground yourself with not only motivation, but also commitment.


The Investment for Health Coaching

(prices  are subject to change)

A la carte 50 minute session: $90

Packages (bi-monthly)

A la carte 40 minute Reiki session: $50

3 Months: $480 (6 sessions, $80/session)

6 Months: $900 (12 sessions, $75/session)


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